Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick

I sometimes enjoy historical romance, mysteries. I generally love Amanda Quick. I have read a number of her novels and I guess it is just time that I move on to someone else.

There are some scenes in this book that are very familiar but I enjoy the sameness of the writing. It's like a comfortable old chair. Unfortunately, when I came to one of the few "love scenes" in the book, I was amused to realize that the scene was exactly like scenes that I have read in her books before. While the scene is unique for first or second time readers of Quick, it is too familiar for someone who has read several books by the same author.
When I got to the scene, I stopped reading wrote down what I thought would happen, and then picked up the book and read exactly what I predicted. SMH

Anyway, the book was pretty good, if you have never read a Quick novel this is a nice one to start with. If you have read her before, don't expect anything new and you won't be disappointed.

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